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The Dick Joynt Paintings in Fitzpatricks

When the decor of Fitzpatricks was at the design stage in 1995, a series of paintings by a dear and old friend of the family, Dick Joynt were a pivotal element of the overall design. Painted in the mid-seventies they depict within their colourful, and patterned framework a series of themes – the family, classical musicians, traditional musicians, circus artists etc. which were painstakingly built up by the repetition of key motifs.

Many people have noted how, despite their esoteric appearance and the eastern influence of the mandela, they remain above all distinctively Irish. Of the eight paintings shown six can be seen in Fitzpatricks and two are held privately within the family.

Dick started his long career in art in the sixties working as a painter mainly in oils and watercolours; the Fitzpatrick’s pictures belong to a particular phase of this period. By the late seventies he turned his attention to sculpture which occupied him until his untimely death in 2003. Beginning with small pieces in plasticine and clay, some of which were later cast into bronze, his sculptural work was dominated by the human and animal form. Long experience working in the Dublin Art Foundry allowed him to be personally involved in their casting and finishing.

In the last analysis however Dick was best known as a stone carver, a discipline which uniquely called out his artistic and practical skills, not to mention his strength and endurance as most of his works were completed with hand tools. He has left behind him an immense body of work including large public monuments, a great number of sculptures in stone, bronze and wood and of course his drawings and paintings.

We have often been asked for more information about the paintings in Fitzpatricks which has prompted us to have them professionally photographed and to bring them to our website. We have enjoyed them for more than twenty two years and can now celebrate bringing them to an even wider audience.


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